HEMP CANVAS COLLECTION: Choose from 12 Playful Patterns

Canvas is a heavy, closely woven fabric used for making sails, tents, awnings and other functions where sturdiness is required. The word canvas originally comes from the word "cannabis"--the scientific name for the hemp plant.  It is the fiber of the hemp that is used to weave this heavy and durable cloth making a perfect leash and collar. Available in 1" and 3/4" widths Woof! Shop Hemp Canvas

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HEMP CONSERVATION COLLECTION: For the Outdoors man's Best Friend!

Fish, hunt, walk your dog.  Like owner--like dog. Dogs love the outdoors! Choose from 4 different patterns.   Woof!  Shop Hemp Conservation

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HEMP CORDUROY COLLECTION: Cool, Hip, Soft to the Touch

Corduroy, or "Corde de Roi" - known as the cord of the king. It is super soft and very durable. It is offered in NINE vibrant colors and three widths.  Shop Hemp Corduroy

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HEMP BASIC COLLECTION: Strong, Sturdy, Original

Go Natural. Quadruple folds on our 55% Hemp 45% Certified Organic Cotton. Offered in 4 beautiful colors. Woof! Shop Hemp Basic

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Our hemp toy dog collars are available in eight colors and are beautifully sewn to 3/8" wide. They are naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial. These collars are comfortable for our small sized best friends. Woof! Shop Toy Dog

HEMP ROPES & TOYS: Earth friendly toys for our best friends

Our toys are constructed with two 14 ounce hemp/cotton pieces and stuffed with our all natural hemp stuffing and squeakers. Woof!  Shop Hemp Toys

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All Natural Pet Products.  Spoil your pet without Spoiling the planet. The Good Dog Company offers these 100% sustainable, recyclable products in an affordable price range – just another way of making the world a better place for pets and their people. Woof!